Cannot access webmail / Heb geen toegang tot webmail

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Hi all

Trying to open the Webmail I’m greeted with the following error:


Don’t know if it’s of any relevance but I’m using a custom domain.

Kind regards

Hey iedereen

Ik probeer de Webmail te openen, maar wordt helaas gegroet met volgende foutmelding:


Geen idee in hoeverre dit relevant is, maar ik gebruik m’n eigen domeinnaam.



I verified your account and indeed the access to our Roundcube was blocked.
You validated your own domain (.xyz) successfully, but the mail chosen for your Nubo account is with the .be extension, domain that is not managed by us.

I can switch your current Nubo mail to the same mail address but with the .xyz extension (same as the domain you activated).
Is it ok for you?


Hi Kenny

I initially started the process with the .be domain but then changed my mind and verified .xyz instead.
The process for .be was never finished but I can’t find a way to remove the domain (maybe something to add to the ToDo?).

If you could link my webmail to .xyz (and remove the .be from my account), that would be great :slight_smile:


Hello Stijn,

I also changed the admin Email from your Nubo account also switching from .be to .xyz

Roundcube should work now.