[cloud] .ods file corrupted


I had a pretty basic .ods file to do timetracking here, but it is now corrupted and I cannot open it.

What happened:

  1. I created a new, empty .ods file on the cloud
  2. I opened it locally with libreoffice on Linux Mint 20.3. When opening it, the CSV import wizard popped up
  3. when done with setting up my timetracker, I overwrote the original file locally and closed libreoffice
  4. making sure that libreoffice was closed, I opened the web version, and edited a cell via the web interface in my cloud
  5. I left the tab open, and a few hours later, coming back to it, it shows the message “connection interrupted”
  6. refreshing the page gives me the error ¨Failed to load the document. Please make sure that the file type is supported and not corrupted"
  7. attempting to open the local version with libreoffice indicates that the file is corrupt and cannot be recovered


  • I should still be able to open the file

–Could you restore the previous, non-corrupt version?-- edit: solved via details > Versions
What can I do to prevent those kind of issues in the future?

Hello Bernard,

This is quite unusual.
Since I’m managing clouds with Collabora Office OnLine (COOL), we had very very few file corruptions and usually the corruption didn’t come from Cool.

But in this case, in the last days, several times we had to restart Cool because of a problem, and maybe it corrupted your file.
But that still strange as it opens the file locally and even if the Cool server goes down, it doesn’t affect open files (from my experience)…
Maybe a very bad timing in this case with your file, like requesting a change at the moment the cool server went down.

All in all, I’m happy you found a way to get back a recent version directly from the web interface (very practical feature that one).

If you need too have the last version, you can ask us to get it from the backup.

Be aware that the backup is done at night.
So if you do several changes during the day, the backup won’t have these changes until the next day.

Very sorry for the trouble you had.
Hopefully it shouldn’t happen again.



Super cool answer @quenenni - I didn’t lose much, from the previous version it took me 30 seconds to add the missing information

Thank you!