Managing the DNS zone


Is it possible to manage the DNS zone of a domain bought through Nubo? Ideally I’d like to change it through an API (to dynamically set the IPs to my home), or otherwise manually change the NS records to another provider.



Nubo DNS are managed at Gandi. Nubo is the technical and accounting contact but you are the owner and should by able to access it yourself at Gandi. I don’t know the details on how you could set up your account there, but you can send an e-mail at and someone will help you there.

Hi all, I replied via but this might be relevant for others too.

We still have to see if we can automate sending an invitation to the owner to manage the domain name.

Right now domain owners can create a login on and send us the information on to ask for an invite.

Thanks everyone for the help, I got access!

For other people in the same situation, I received this email to be added as contact for the domain name. I first thought it was spam or phishing but it’s legit!