Webmail en Cloud niet beschikbaar

Sinds deze morgen kan ik niet meer inloggen op mijn account. Ik krijg de foutboodschap “Failed to get authentication tokens for generic OAuth 2.0”.
Dit zowel in Firefox als in Google Chrome.

I have the same issue. DAVx⁵ on Android also gives an error 500, so it’s not only the web-facing side that’s having issues.

I’ve also sent a mail, hoping that they might see that sooner than this Agora post.

Ik heb hetzelfde probleem. DAVx⁵ op Android geeft ook een error 500, dus het is niet alleen de web-facing kant die problemen heeft.

Ik heb ook een mailtje gestuurd, in de hoop dat ze dat eerder zien dan deze Agora-post.


Sorry, a problem with the services occurred.
All should be good now.

I’ll check deeper tonight why this happened.

Sorry for the desagrements.

Thanks, Kenny!

Are there any plans to introduce a statuspage (e.g. via an open source tool like https://cachethq.io/) in the future to communicate downtime or other problems?

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Yes, it’s an important feature.
But in a hopefully near future as we still need to do lots of things before that.

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Hey Kenny,
Sorry to bother you, but it appears that the same issues are occurring again. The “Failed to get authentication tokens for Generic OAuth 2.0. Check logs for further details.” error pops up again when I try to sign in into my Nubo account.

I think it’s a cache problem.
The services are working at the moment.

Can you try to connect via a private window in your browser?
To open a private window, in Firefox you have to click on Ctrl + Shift + p (I think it’s the same combination in Chrome).

Hey Kenny,

Firefox private window did not work, however, I tried with Brave (since I don’t have Chrome installed), and there it works.
It appears to be something with my browser, indeed. Thanks for checking.

:pencil2: edit: sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. I can’t find a pattern in it, though.

Werkt nog niet in Firefox (ook na wissen van de cache) en in Chrome.

Hello @quenenni ,
My access to the cloud seems not to be possible, with the message :

Got response: invalid_grant
On the other hand, I can reach my mails.
Thanks a lot for your expertise !


Sorry, we had an important problem today with one of our database.
It took me a while to find the source, but I got it.

The system is back.

If you see an error tomorrow when you try to connect to the services, you can first try the Ctrl + F5 keys to force the browser page to reload without using the cache.
You can also try to use a private window of your browser by hitting the Ctrl + shift + p keys.


NB: Technical info: The problem was a neural module that analyse mails to detect Ham & Spam in Rspamd (Neural network module).
It writes lots of data all the times in the Redis/Keydb database.
And that generates heavy and nearly permanent re-synchronization of the Redis/Keydb cluster.

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Thanks @quenenni !
It’s all right now.

Thanks. Alles OK.